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Overheating '97 Toyota SUV with 2.7L engine....

...keeps overheating in slow traffic. If I'm at a light and put it in neutral, the indicator stays right in the middle (of the gauge). Heats up to red-line in 3 minutes of 15 mph traffic driving, but cools down quickly back to the middle in a minute or so of red light. Over 30 mph no problems. I had the radiator replaced about 1,000 miles ago when this started, they checked the water pump, thermostat, said they were fine, never had another problem until recently. the coolant level (at least in the reservoir) is at the 'Full' level, but below where one of the coolant lines enters/exits (I don't know which) the motor (2/3 up, at left side front of the engine), there's some moisture that isn't oil. Just had the oil changed and there is very little leakage. It's an international model, Land Cruiser Prado 2-door: Engine name 3RZ-FE Engine type: 2.7L water cooling 4 cylinder DOHC16 valve Fuel: Regular gasoline Would appreciate any diagnostic help. Of course I'm going to a wrench, but wanted a little intelligence before I went. Thanks in advance.



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